Industrial Architecture for Warehouses

Industrial architecture for warehouses is driven by functionality rather than aesthetic design. However, at ACS Architecture, we strive to deliver both. Our architects create functional office, warehouse, and facility spaces intended to promote productivity and safety for all your employees. At the same time, we craft our designs to give your facility a clean, professional appearance that adheres to safety regulations and your company branding.

Industrial Design for Functionality

When you enlist our architectural services to design your warehouse or commercial facility, we always start with evaluating the needs of your business. Is climate control a necessity to your work? Do you require a variety of overhead doors to facilitate movement throughout the building? Is security a concern? Our architects design with you and your employees in mind to deliver custom-tailored industrial design solutions to meet all your business needs.

Renovating Existing Facilities

If you’ve already got an established industrial facility but are looking to improve your building, ACS Architecture can help with the renovation. We carefully document and analyze your current space and work closely with your team to evaluate areas needing improvement. If your business undergoes changes such as a major merger or company downsizing, or you’re looking to expand your current facility as your business grows, we’re equipped with the technical knowledge and industry expertise to help you modify your facility to accommodate your new situation.