About ACS

ACS architecture is a Houston-based architecture consulting firm that offers architecture, engineering, and asbuilt services. Since our founding in 2001, ACS architecture has always believed that our duty is to serve the public by enhancing our community through architecture. As a full-service architecture, engineering, and asbuilt consulting firm, we provide industry-compliant design and client-focused services for a variety of property types including multifamily, industrial, commercial, hospitality, and residential. We have expanded from a small local business to a nationally known full-service architectural, engineering and asbuilt documentation studio. Our success comes from the involvement of our principals with every project providing “small business” attention to each client and project.

At ACS, we are committed to the highest level of professionalism and customer service. A principal from our staff is involved in every project, working with every client to ensure that your project meets your requirements and that each project is completed thoroughly, timely, and under budget.

Our staff is passionate about the work we provide to our clients. Our knowledge, design background, and technical expertise have been carefully nurtured through a focus on education and professional support. We continue to expand our talent through purposeful recruitment across the country.

Although ACS has grown from a small business to a national presence, we believe it is important to treat each project as if it were our only project. A principle from our firm will always be your point of contact. Your project will always be unique to its own program, site, budget, and client preference. Our best projects come from collaborating with our clients and achieving the most impact on their investment.

Our Process

The ACS architecture process begins with our initial client meeting. A member from our firm consults with you to discuss your business needs, project goals, budget, and plans for future growth.

Our multi-step consultative process enables us to provide accurate cost estimates and construction timelines for completion. Throughout the entire process, we work closely with the owner or point of contact to maintain the project budget and project delivery. Our attention to detail and organized coordination with our clients helps to keep our projects in good standing and on target every time.

The ACS Advantage

We specialize in designing innovative contemporary spaces that optimize square footage usage, minimize material costs, and maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. Our design team is experienced in problem-solving techniques, including code review, research, and commitment to detail.

When clients come to us with their problems, we offer our most cost-effective design solutions to meet their business goals, accommodate their customers, and improve productivity and quality of life. At ACS architecture, we design memorable, functional spaces to help our clients help their clients.

ACS asbuilts

In addition to providing architectural services, ACS architecture also specializes in creating professional asbuilt drawings of existing buildings throughout the U.S. for clients that require updated drawings, usually when existing drawings cannot be obtained/recovered, or they never existed in the first place. Asbuilt services are provided under ACS asbuilts.

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