Repcon Industrial

Houston, TX

Repcon is a manufacturing company that primarily serves the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and midstream industries. Over the last thirty years, Repcon served the vast majority of the nation’s refineries and petrochemical facilities. Repcon provides turnarounds in most process units in refineries and chemical plants and is the pacesetter for Specialized HF Alky Turnaround Services.

As Repcon continues to grow, ACS provided architecture and engineering services for a new office/ warehouse facility for Repcon's Houston, TX location, that included a new 36,000 sf building with offices on two levels, and a manufacturing warehouse.

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In addition to providing architectural services, ACS architecture also specializes in creating professional asbuilt drawings of existing buildings throughout the U.S. for clients that require updated drawings, usually when existing drawings cannot be obtained/recovered, or they never existed in the first place. Asbuilt services are provided under ACS asbuilts.

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