The Gateway Apartments

Mobile, AL

Originally designed in the 1940's as the Seaman's Bethal, a hotel for seamen visiting through Mobile's seaport; has been left vacant and abandoned for over 50 years.

ACS has been tasked with renovating the existing 50,000 sf building into 60 Class A apartment units. Amenities will include: fitness center, dog park, business center, and rooftop resident lounges overlooking the downtown skyline.

In addition to providing architecture, engineering, and asbuilt services; ACS coordinated design drawings with the National Park Service, and other governmental entities to receive historic accreditation.

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ACS asbuilts

In addition to providing architectural services, ACS architecture also specializes in creating professional asbuilt drawings of existing buildings throughout the U.S. for clients that require updated drawings, usually when existing drawings cannot be obtained/recovered, or they never existed in the first place. Asbuilt services are provided under ACS asbuilts.

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